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projectmayhems's Journal

An Icon Battle Community
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♔ projectmayhems
Welcome to projectmayhems, the Icon Battle community of rabidline, pikabot, spiderlin, icedragoncat, pixelwater and simpleflower.

Currently, we do Weekly Icon Battles and Bi-Weekly Chaos Threads. Membership is currently closed, but you may still watch this community as the posts will be public. Icons made are free for you to take as long as you comment and credit the respective icon-maker.

Saturday: Battle screencap submission post / Chaos thread commences
Monday: Screencaps due for Battle; screencap round-up posted as an icon submission post
Friday: Icon round-up for Battle posted / two-week Chaos thread concludes

Current Member In Charge: icedragoncat
Next Member In Charge: rabidline

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